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Vectra 3D Breast Imaging Denver

Vectra 3D Breast ImagingWhat goals do you wish to achieve from breast augmentation in Colorado? Do you want to even out your body proportions? Did pregnancy and breastfeeding leave you with a loss of volume in your upper breasts? Or, is it to feel more confident in clothes and swimsuits? Whatever your goal may be, at The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we want to make sure that you are satisfied with the results of your breast augmentation.

Dr. Vath, Dr. Steinwald and Dr. Wolfe each perform hundreds of high-quality breast augmentations every year. Finding a skilled plastic surgeon who performs a high volume of breast augmentations and achieves consistently beautiful results is key in making sure you get the look you want. But, this is just the first step.

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Plan Your Results With Confidence

“My main concern was my size and seeing the pictures on the 3D screen definitely put my mind at ease.”

An equally important factor in determining you are happy with the results of your breast augmentation is making sure that you and your surgeon are on the same page. Many patients bring photos from magazines of their “wish breasts.” While this can be helpful to communicate the look you prefer, no two bodies are exactly alike. This is where the Vectra 3D Imaging System comes in. The system’s 3D camera captures multiple photographs from different angles. These photos are then used to build a three dimensional image of you. After this is complete, your Patient Counselor can show you how you will look with different breast implant sizes, shapes and projections. The Vectra 3D Imaging System is the best way to get a reliable preview of your post op results, helping to reduce the anxiety over picking the “right” implant.

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