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Breast Implants: How to Choose Between Saline and Silicone

Published on March 20, 2020

Breast implants are used to increase the size of breasts. Usually, two types of implants can be used for the procedure – one made from silicone gel, and the other with saline.

Saline implants can be used by any woman over 18 years old for breast augmentation. Silicone implants can be used by women over 22 years. Silicone is a gel and can create a more natural look. Saline is like water and, in some cases, can be adjusted after surgery.

In the case of a rupture, saline implants will deflate immediately, and the saline does not pose a health risk. Silicone implant rupture may be difficult to detect.

The choice of the implant can be based on personal preference, health, and affordability.