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Implant Warranties and Information Cards

Published on May 24, 2018

What options do I have if there is a problem with my breast implants? How will my doctor know the size, type, fill volume, and age of my implant if I need or want to have the implant replaced at some point?

If you have a problem with your breast implants, this may be covered under warranty. Breast implants come with warranties that sometimes cover the cost of a replacement implant if the original implant were to rupture or become damaged. The warranty may also include some type of financial assistance.

If you want to have the implant replaced, your complete implant information will be listed on a card that we provide you with.This makes it easy for the surgeon to know the type and size of the implant if you choose to undergo a procedure to replace your implant.Do not lose this card! Per Colorado state law, medical offices are only required to keep records for 7 years from your last visit, so this card will be the only way to find out about possible warranty information if your chart has been destroyed.

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