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Revision Breast Augmentation: What Causes Rippling?

Published on March 15, 2018

One of the fairly common aesthetic issues that can diminish the results of your breast augmentation procedure is rippling. Patients who are experiencing implant rippling will notice a wavy pattern on their skin, typically around the outer area of the breast or on the inner side of the breast near the cleavage.

Implant rippling most commonly occurs in saline implants. Rippling may occur if the implant has been under or overfilled with saline. In some cases, rippling occurs because the patient wants an implant size that is too large for their body and that stretches and strains the breast skin.

Choosing to have your implants placed on top of the breast muscles instead of underneath them can also increase your risk of experiencing rippling.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons at The Center for Cosmetic Surgery can address implant rippling using revision breast augmentation surgery. With the help of this procedure, your breast skin can once again be smooth and attractive. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.